Thanks for the correction wrt the branches of government in the USA and their respective responsibiities regarding enactment and enforcement. As an outsider I genuinely am grateful for that clarification.

I take, too, your point about preferring to be asked rather than ordered to do, or dessist from doing, certain things. I think that is someething to which we can all relate. On the question of whether or not experts are better than you or I, I would contend that some are better informed and that it is worth listening to their arguments.

I wonder if, in a war situation, and given you were in the appropriate age bracket, would you accept or refuse the draft? I believe the situation we are currently in with regard to the climate and other environmental emergencies is akin to war and that, if people refuse to comply when asked to change their behaviours, compulsion is necessary. Not everyone is as consciencious in their respect for the envirionment as you claim to be.

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Frank is a retired Engineer from England now living in Ireland. He is trying to learn and share the lessons of history.

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