If Money Weren’t an Issue . . .

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An interesting question from my point of view, since I am in the fortunate position of having sufficient pension income to meet all my present needs with a little over to save. Of course, we can’t afford expensive overseas holidays or frequent forays to dine out. Those things are not especially important to us, they never were. Which, I suppose, is why we were able to save and contribute to the pension schemes that now provide our income.

I can imagine living in a larger house with much more garden and the means to be able to pay someone else to look after it. I would welcome the opportunity to patronise artists and craftspeople by purchasing some of their best work. I’m not sure I would be any happier. There are, after all, so many things that money cannot buy.

Losing the love of my life would be far more devastating than losing any of my material possessions. Likewise, I would hate to be in the position of having lost my son or granddaughter or knowing that either was suffering from some chronic medical condition.

I would be no less devastated were any such event to come to pass if I was living in that imagined mansion. Maybe I would be better placed to help them cope with their condition, purchasing the best available treatment and the most up to date specialist equipment to enable them to live the best life possible given whatever debilitating condition had afflicted them. In that circumstance I would gladly dispose of the mansion in order to guarantee the best for them.

But the aspect of the question I really want to address is how those people for whom money really is not an issue behave.

How many of us dream of receiving a windfall, an unexpected inheritance or a lottery win, and imagine ourselves living a life of complete ease, lazing beside a pool in some place with an ideal climate, all our desires being attended to by servants at our beck and call night and day?

And yet, if we examine the lives of those fortunate few who are rich beyond our wildest dreams, that is not what they do. Yes, they take longer holidays than us, in more exotic locations. But they keep on working at whatever activity brought them their wealth in the first place.

Just look at all the entertainers still performing well past 70. The entrepreneurs who continue to expand their business long after they have made their first billion.

I reckon the truth is that it is necessary to work hard in order to reach the situation in which money is no longer an issue. Having acquired the habit of work, you can’t stop. When money ceases to be an obstacle to how you live your life, you most likely will carry on living just the same as before.

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