And most of those laws were shaped by us! We have been leading in Europe for the last few decades, demonstrating our greatness. Now we are abdicating that role. I am not someone who worries about the EU’s future direction. If I was I would want to stay in in order to ensure that it’s direction was the right one for us, using our veto to prevent developments which were not in Britain’s best interests. By leaving we leave ourselves vulnerable to the very developments,taking place on our doorstep, that leavers fear.
As for trade deals, we currently trade with many nations on terms agreed with the EU. Outside we will have to negotiate new deals with those countries. How could we possibly get better deals, as a market of 60 million, than those currently agreed with a market of 500 million?
And then there is CETA — the deal the USA wanted to make, which would have given corporations the power to over-rule national laws. The EU rejected that. But that is exactly what the USA will expect us to agree to in our desperation to get a deal with them.
EU Freedom of movement permits us to set restrictions which our government chose not to apply. These include access to welfare, the need to have a job or a placement in an educational institution. Have you seen the latest immigration figures? The numbers from the EU are down whilst the numbers from the rest of the world are up. Is that really what leavers voted for?

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Frank is a retired Engineer from England now living in Ireland. He is trying to learn and share the lessons of history.

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