I used to be an Engineer. I retired in 2006 whereupon I moved from the UK to Ireland. My first novel was self-published in 2011, around the time of my 70th birthday. It was admittedly not very good. My second, based on my childhood in rural England shortly after World War II, was completed a year later and drew praise from reviewers. I began an informal study of Irish history and, of my next four books, three dealt with significant events: the Norman invasion (Strongbow's Wife) and the Famine (A Purgatory of Misery, with Patrick Lillis, and Called to Account). I am presently working on a fictionalised account of the life of the ancestor of the family who once owned most of the land near where I live having arrived as part of the Tudor 'Plantation' of Ireland.

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Frank Parker

Frank is a retired Engineer from England now living in Ireland. He is trying to learn and share the lessons of history.